Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nutritional stupidity

Shit that people have tried to convince me is "healthy" that is total bullshit...

-Splenda, and other artifically sweeteners- Sugar and HFCS are not good for you, but this crap, while less caloric, is far worse. Anything that is derived synthetically in a laboratory is NOT good for you, because it makes your body go WTF.

-Fat free dairy products. Seriously guys- if you want to reduce calories in your diet, just eat more vegetables in proportion to other stuff. But ferchrissakes don't get the "fat free" version that your body can't digest. Worst culprits are shit like fat free 1/2 and 1/2 which is loaded with creepy corn syrup solids. (fat free froyo is actually kind of a guilty pleasure for me because I would prefer that it were NOT fat free).

-Vegan cupcakes. It's still a fucking cupcake. Using margarine instead of butter does not magically make this health food.

-Seitan. Celiac's and gluten intolerances are so friggin' common that eating concentrated wheat gluten seems hardly an improvement on real meat if you're omnivorously inclined.

-Soy. Hard to digest (unless it's fermented like miso and natto) and chock full of phytoestrogens- that block of tofu is the same as a dose of premarin. Yum!

That said, I love bacon, cupcakes, coffee and cheese. But at least I'm educated about the actual nutritional pros and cons of the stuff I eat.

Weirdly delicious things I cook on a whim

I love making pancakes with stuff in them. I usually make them with rice flour since I dont keep wheat flour around (I would be tempted to make cookies all the time if I did).

Today I made pancakes with chopped 72% chocolate, cloves cinnamon and nutmeg, and I put raw sugar on the wet part to caramelize because I was craving belgian waffles with pearl sugar.

It was so fucking good. Like gingerbread, except no ginger.