Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eat Your Greens

I am willing to stipulate that McDonalds barely qualifies as food anymore. And the abuse meted out there is less amusing than the sass at Weiner Circle. However, McDonalds will always have my number because they make the Shamrock Shake. They're only available for a few weeks in March here in the States, so the novelty alone keeps me coming back. If I lived in Ireland, where they're rumored to be available year round, I'd probably never want one of these vaguely mouthwash flavored shakes. Instead, they mean Spring to me, a birthday tradition that costs less than $3. I don't approve of the new parfait style presentation, but I'm not really a fan of whipped cream. And I haven't a prayer of getting that maraschino cherry out with my straw (which they forgot to give me, sigh). Fancy and McDonalds don't go together, but I'd rather suck down one of these than a Green River or green beer.