Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Starbucks breeds coffee narcissists

Here's a controversial admission: I go to Starbucks sometimes, like today, when I wanted a breakfast sandwich. (Usually I go to the Ing Direct Cafe where I can get Peets for $1, but their sandwiches blow and it's about the same price to get a sandwich and coffee at Sbux).

Here's what I don't get- the stupid ways people order their drinks when there's twenty people waiting in line at 8:55 am, and probably running late for work.

Extra hot hot chocolate!

130 degree soy latte!

And best of all, NO FOAM SKINNY LATTE WITH ONE PUMP OF GINGERBREAD SYRUP AND ONE PUMP OF VANILLA, but I should expect that from a woman wearing stiletto boots at 8:55 AM, which is an unfortunately common sort of fashion choice in the hateful yuppy neighborhood I work in.

But seriously, what kind of unique and special snowflake does she think she is that she needs the barista to scrape the foam off her latte when 20 other people are waiting for drinks? Why does Starbucks enable these baby people to make these ridiculous requests? What ever happened to ordering off the menu?

Also, what the fuck is up with people ordering "wet" cappucino? Isn't a "wet" cappucino basically a latte?

And why do you need your drink to be a specific temperature, anyway? Since when is "hot" not good enough?


A. said...

What the christmas is a "wet" cappuccino?

RE: Temperatures, I will occasionally custom-order a specific temperature if there's no-one else in line because I burn my mouth very easily/have to wait 20-30 minutes to even sip standard hot coffee without lots of pain; otherwise I just get iced coffee (haha, a barista once suggested I order at the temperatures they use for kids ordering hot cocoa since I'm a wiener).

But yeah, not pulling that shit if it's crowded, that's just plain inconsiderate.

Bianca James said...

A wet cappucino has more milk and less foam. It's basically a fucking latte (although I'm sure someone will disagree with me).

You have what's known in Japan as neko jita or cat tongue, and it apparently has some kind of scientific basis. I dont see any ish with ordering it cooler since it would take less time to make. Though a friend did explain the logic in getting it extra hot in cold weather, though it's not THAT cold here yet!

Bianca James said...

I'm sure you already knew the neko jita thing but whatever.

Anonymous said...