Saturday, October 4, 2008

Booze hate

#1. Bartenders who correct my pronounciation of a beer or beverage when I pronounce it correctly.

Me: Can I have a pint of schpahten?

Bartender (at a phony German bar in Lincoln Square!!!): You want a spay-ten?

(of course, Magaret at the 4am bar St. Pauli club down the road says schpahten, but tourists don't go there)

Me: One Mohjheet please.

Bartender: You mean Mah-deet?

Okay, so I'm a pretentious journalist from California, but if I actually know how to pronounce something correctly, I'm gonna. Just don't correct me back to the American pronounciation, dammit.

#2 Another thing that bugs:

This is a crappy photo booth photo, but it's a Belvedere vodka ad that says "Luxury Reborn" with A PICTURE OF VINCENT GALLO!!!!! How Vincent Gallo became a sex symbol (in his own mind, at least) when he clearly was born to be a wino is beyond me. This man is cut out for stuff like Night Train and Thunderbird, produced by E&J GALLO winery, not foofy top shelf vodka.

People of the world, I beg you- STOP GIVING VINCENT GALLO MONEY. He has nothing to offer you but self important pap!


Kirstin said...

Yeah, his fame is a mystery to me. Didn't he shit under a piano at a party in a commercial?

The Snarky Nutritionist said...

I just read his listing under wikipedia. Apparently he is both an an asshole and a jerk, while being self important in a gross New York can't make up his mind what he wants to be famous for besides being shocking kind of way. And yes. He looks like a wino. Although I did find him amusing in Babette and Noni. Mostly because he doesn't fit in, and sings "Put on a happy face."