Friday, February 13, 2009

demos part 2

So I'm doing demos for my green drink today. I forgot my big jar of powder, so I'm using my free sample packages to mix the drink, and feeling stingy with the samples. I get this whiny woman who is going over all the ingredients in the product with me and why this wouldn't be a good product for her. A store employee walks by, and is excited about the product. She's heard about it and wants to try it. I feel grateful and generous after the whiny lady, so I give her one of my coveted free sample packages. The whiny lady begins to walk away but sees me give the free sample to the employee, suddenly comes back wanting a free sample. I ask about everything she said earlier, and she lamely tries to back track. I explain that I'm almost out of product and that I'm reserving the samples to people whom I believe are potential customers. I can tell she was really mad at me, but she couldn't really cover her tracks, and I made up my mind that no way in hell would she get a sample from me. Maybe it was mean, but I can't believe how full of shit people can be.


Bianca James said...


You're awesome. Its nice to put the smack down sometimes.

Vally Val said...

:: applauds ::