Monday, February 9, 2009

I've got to stop feeling sorry for vegetables.

I bought these creepy, albino looking yellow carrot sticks at Stanley's today (they're supposed to be yellow), because I felt sorry for them, knowing that most people probably pick the orange ones instead. But only after checking that they had the same nutritional content.

Who grows yellow carrots anyway? They remind me of that kid's book "bunnicula" about the vampire rabbit!


The Snarky Nutritionist said...

In the crazy hippie land of Berkeley, in a magical store called Monterey Market, you can get a bunch of purple, red, orange and yellow carrots. I'm impressed that they've make it to baby carrot status. And don't hate me for this- but there are nutrients that are linked to specific colors, which means that the yellow guys have a little less nutrition than the orange kind. (Sorry. Eat and enjoy.)

Bianca James said...

yeah, I was worried about that. They don't taste any better than the orange ones, but at least they're organic.