Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chocolate cereal is not a health food

I saw cereal that had pieces of chocolate in it today at Trader Joe's. Not chocolate flavored puffs, actual pieces of chocolate. And it was claiming to be healthy because it was fortified with inulin, a trendy low glycemic chemical normally found in artichokes (not chocolate.) It's all about finding ways to let us eat candy all day and pretend it's healthy. Almost as good as the fat-free half and half I saw, which was made out of five different types of creepy. I swear, if a food has "healthy" printed on it in big letters, it's probably worse than the "bad" stuff.


Vally Val said...

Fat Free half and half is EVIL. Half of nothing is nothing!

I find the latest craze of milk & cereal bars disturbing too. Out of morbid curiosity I checked the ingredients of some featuring Cheerios and the things are loaded with sugar and when milk did show up it was hidden amongst a bunch of chemicals. Sadly, some people will think that is an acceptable breakfast.

Bianca James said...

I had to explain to someone recently why lard is better than crisco.

"it's just vegetable oil" she replied.


I'll be over here with my full fat half and half, thank you.

Kirstin said...

Why not just eat Pez for breakfast?

The Snarky Nutritionist said...

Crisco is Frankenstein's version of vegetable oil. It's only partially hydrogenated because if it were fully hydrogenated, it would be a big plastic brick. Still has the same effect on our cells though.