Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Foods that inspire fear and loathing.

1. Crisco. Edible vaseline.

2. 100 calorie snack packs. Nice try at portion control, but these packs usually contain tasteless mini oreos or some such crap.

3. Speaking of, Oreos. Dry cookies filled with crisco frosting.

4. The Krispy Kremes with the "kreme" filling. More crisco filling. Why anyone chooses these over custard filled is beyond me.

5. Non-dairy creamer. Read the ingredients and you'll never use it again.

6. "diet" junk food like snackwells. See #2.

7. Swiss miss, or any cocoa that is made with water in lieu of milk.

8. Baloney. Does anyone like this? The smell makes me ill.

9. Most American-made drug store candy. Makes my teeth hurt to think of it.

10. Soda. I can't drink it without feeling artificial sweetener or corn syrup guilt.


The Snarky Nutritionist said...

I actually ate a custard filled krispy creme on the 2 hour drive home from a nutrition talk I gave. (I'm such the hypocrite! Granted, it's been at least three years. Let's see if I can wait that long for my next one.) I love custard. Creme filling has nothing to do with dairy, and if there's no dairy forget it! (unless it's hippy nut milk based.)

Vally Val said...

Oh those 100 calorie packs fill me with RAGE. Rage I tell you! The waste of packaging, the bump up in cost, the false hope being sold, the obvious marketing. Ugh.

Gotta admit, baloney done properly is quite tasty and pickle meat is really really good.