Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bringing the hate.

Chicago is a food city. That does not necessarily mean it is a city of good food. There's just a lot of food. A lot of it is bad.

I grew up in Berkeley, home of Chez Panisse and the slow food movement. I lived in Japan for four years, where I got used to being taken out for $100 meals and lavish work banquets with exotic foods. Now I write about food and drink for a couple of Chicago magazines, as well as eating out a lot with friends, and lately, it seems like I spend a lot of time feeling hungry and annoyed. I get mad when I get charged a lot of money for shitty food and crappy service. Hangry, if you will.

A spate of one star reviews on yelp and a few back issues of ANSWER Me! later, this blog was born.

This blog will be a acid tinged paean to the restaurants I love to hate, the douchebaggery that passes for haute cuisine in Chicago, and the culinary concepts gone oh so wrong. A cold glass of haterade. Street justice foodie-style.

I have invited some fellow foodies from around the country to share the hate. Join us if you dare.

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