Thursday, August 28, 2008

They had me until it was served

Bacon & Egg ice cream. Sounds nummy and custardy with salty bacon as a nice balance. Then they go and fuck with it by serving it all foo-foo:

It's called OVERKILL people!


Bianca James said...

ewww. yeah, the presentation is stupid what with the drops of maple syrup and all. And I wouldnt want to eat the tomato compote with the ice cream. EW!

I recently had brioche donuts and hot fudge at a restaurant in wicker park, which came with a side of candy corn. WHY? the dish does not demand candy corn! It's like stoners invented the menu.

Melissa said...

Reminds me of the time the boy and I tried tomato ice cream in Japan.

Basically the only point was to take pictures of the ridiculous faces we made. It certainly wasn't worth eating without a camera.

(It was 3am at some kind of wannabe Denny's joint…)

Bianca James said...

fixed the imbed!

The Snarky Nutritionist said...

They took something kind of weird and pushed it over the edge with a bunch even weirder things. CANDIED MOREL MUSHROOMS! WTF!!! And what the hell are you going to do with three tiny drops of maple syrup on a plate?!?! This has nothing to do with food tasting good, and everything to do with pretentious art exhibits where people who want to look sophisticated stand around and mutter, "Very nice."

Cinnacism said...

Aw, I want some jellied tea. And some caramelized brioche.