Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm just getting started!

Dear Miss B knows I love my food and I love my lists so expect to hear alot of griping from me! This is just the tip of my iceburg of food complaints...

1. bad nachos (how hard is it to fuck up melted cheese and tortilla chips?)
2. gourmet takes on basic sandwhiches, thus making a BLT ridiculously and in excusably expensive (and still just a BLT and usually not as good as one available for much less at a greasy spoon)
3. the disappearance of Butter & Herb Pringles (BEST CHIPS EVER)
4. anything that tastes like licorice besides licorice (especially if there is no warning upfront)
5. having to pay 50 cents for soy milk in my coffee at most coffee shops-I buy soy milk and I know what it costs and the mark up is ridiculous
6. speaking of ridiculous mark ups....ordering pasta at just about any restaurant is a complete rip off
7. Miracle Whip (ewww....why?)
8. Pepsi (nasty shit, just nasty)
9. "upscale" soul food (hello, its soul food and charging any more than a few bucks for greens is worse than going to church with a loose weave)

This was just my warm up ;-)

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