Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bargain beer dinner...

So I attended a super fabulous craft beer dinner on monday, and a thought occured to me- what foods would pair well with PBR and Schlitz? What could one cook with Sparks? I think I would have to appoint Vally Val as culinary chief in such an endeavor, since she has been known to make a spring suprise salad involving mayonaise, cheese and lemon jello, as well as my birthday Watergate Cake which involved Cool Whip and pistachio jello.

I'm thinking- frito pie and pbr. A sparks jello mold. A cake leavened with Miller Highlife! Schlitz pot roast.

How much do you want to bet I could get hipsters to pay money to attend my budget beer dinner? Although they'd probably just sneak in and eat all the food, then leave.

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Vally Val said...

Oh the hipsters would pay up the whazoo if you billed it as a "White Trash Dinner", served everything on paper plates and played a good portion of my music collection :D

Without purusing through my recipes I can think of the following dishes:
1. tater tots served with a beer and Velveeta sauce
2. Resurrection Cake (sauce is Jack Daniels, butter and sugar)
3. diced hot dogs in a brandy and ketchup sauce
4. beer battered onion rings (why mess with a classic?)with a mayonnaise and parsley dipping sauce
5. pickle meat served on Wonder Bread
6. creamed corn

Just have a bottle of scotch on hand for me to drink so I don't get too annoyed by the hipsters and throw them all out on their bony, white belt festooned asses.