Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What Do I Hate?

Vegan cookbooks.

I mean, is it so hard to write a book *without* trying to create more True Believers?

I'm not reading a cookbook for gospel, I'm reading cookbook for recipes and food information. I don't care how cool or enlightened or exceptional you think your life style is, I just want something interesting to do with beans.

So vegans, guess what? Your cookbooks universally suck. Go read Nigella Lawson, or M.F.K. Fisher, or Anthony Bourdain, or Julia Child, or Thomas Keller, or Michael Ruhlman or Jane Grigson, or Laurie Colwin, or Stefan Gates, or, or, or any number of food writers who really care about food and the way people eat. Learn something. Then come tell me about how cool you are.

Thank you very much

P.S. I'm drunk, don't mind me.


Bianca James said...

A friend of mine who is a pro cake designer made a gratis vegan cake for a scene person here who is vegan. He then proceeded to complain that it didn't "taste" vegan even though she'd been extra careful to make sure it was. I think that kind of says it all.

Vally Val said...

You know, I gotta agree and I bake vegan stuff all the time. Not because I'm enlightened or live in a hip neighborhood or wear cool classes-I bake vegan because:

1. thanks to my antidepressants my body can't handle dairy the way it used to
2. I have friends who keep kosher and its just easier than having to worry how long its been since they had dinner to have the dessert I brought
3. the stuff I make tastes good so I can make good money at a bake sale-especially off of hungry vegans that have been fooling themselves into thinking twigs dipped in nectar are a substitute for ooey gooey sweets
4. I'm dorky enough to enjoy the challenge
5. I like pissing dieters off
6. I enjoy making "healthy" stuff as unhealthy as possible (seriously, my Elvis Cupcakes will kill someone some day)
7. they're the only cupcake recipes I've found that actually rise

And yet for all those reasons sometimes I feel the need to apologize, like I need to step off a pedestal I haven't even approached and somehow make it up to the regular people.